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This would solve several issues: I wouldn't need to leave an email client running on my home workstation just to perform filtering.I wouldn't have to delete or expunge messages—especially spam—from our inboxes.I have several email filters set up in Thunderbird, the best client I have found for my personal needs.Both my wife and I use email filters on our computers.

I can set up filters on my laptop to sort email when I'm traveling, but that means I have to maintain multiple sets of filters.The Talk tab of the Wikipedia page has a bit of discussion about this, which generated even more confusion for me.) I've been using Spam Assassin and MIMEDefang together to score and mark incoming emails as spam, placing a known string in the subject, ###SPAM###, so that I can identify and sort junk email both as a human and with software.I use UW IMAP for client access to emails, but that is not a factor in server-side filtering and sorting.It's been my mail transfer agent (MTA) ever since, for both business and personal use.(I don't know why Wikipedia refers to MTA as a "message" transfer agent, when all my other references say "mail" transfer agent.

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