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They pulled shifts as club promoters, cocktail waitresses and go-go dancers. Since going their separate ways five years ago, Trishelle and Steven have not surprisingly called it quits, but so did Alton and Irulan. So there's definitely going to be some serious drama when the cast is thrown back into close quarters on Reunited: The Real World and you'll want to be there for every hot tub hookup, drunken rant and knock-down, drag-out fight!

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But after things cooled down, Brynn was pissed about all the head games that were being played, threw a fork at Steven and was almost kicked out of the suite.

But it was Trishelle's pregnancy scare that really stirred things up and brought The Real Worlders back to reality. In addition to all of that drama upstairs in their home base at The Palms, the casino/resort was also where all of the roomies worked.

From topless bars to bottomless drinks, Las Vegas has it all.

Will they be able to put the past behind them and start anew?The Challenge and Spring Break Challenge have a somewhat cast-contestant interdependent relationship in that both programs have used at least one or more contestants from the other. Tempers will flare, fists will be raised, and hearts will be on the line -- as there have never been as many steamy hook-ups or controversial romances as there are this season! With 0,000 on the line, things are certain to get ugly.But their on-again, off-again trysts had some serious ups and downs.The very first night The Real World's Vegas crew spent together, a love triangle started brewing between Trishelle, Steven and Frank.

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