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Unfortunately, this man – his son – is just as corrupt as his father. ” Kazuya, pissed that his father horribly scarred him in a training session for the hell of it, then misses a jump kick and falls to his supposed death.

As decades pass, their bloodline’s reach expands and threatens to engulf the planet itself. While the issue plays up Kazuya’s rebirth thanks to Michelle Chang finding him and healing him with the Toshin Stone (which Kazuya then steals), it also builds up other subplots. There’s also a scene of Lei Wulong discussing the Mishima Zaibatsu with Jun Kazama, which also briefly includes a pre-cyber-zombie Bryan Fury.

Another part I loved is how towards the end, Nina Williams gets taken down by one of the heroes and mopes through the fourth wall about how she was in the very first launched in 2012, the collector’s edition came with a comic.

It’s very short and there’s really not much to talk about.

The opening depicts an amusing tournament battle between Paul Phoenix and Craig Marduk, but the manga then focuses on Asuka Kazama.

Tying into , Asuka discovers that her cousin Jin has started a world war and chooses to take him down herself.

It’s on-the-nose as hell, but at least it’s setting up a ton of stuff in its own way. I guess they’re the closest thing Once we’re down to the named characters, some of the matches get clean endings while others are swerves.

She ends up meeting Lili for the first time and we get to see their oddball rivalry play out.

Though it does go really hard into the fanservice at times.

So you have to introduce someone to the plot of , and the inexplicable batshit stuff surrounding a werewolf-possessed woman dressed only in sludge, all while telling a four-issue story. Just throw us in the middle of it with no explanation, I suppose.

In case you’re wondering, he’s telling Bruce to knock off singing, “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool (I swear I'm not kidding).

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Then they bathe together later on because of course they do.

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