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Depending on the number of people, we may break groups into subcategories within their genre.

Then we let them meet informally and make whatever connections they choose.

Her presentation will be informational, inspirational and filled with her special brand of cleverness, to get you in a workshopping mood.

Networking: “Find Your Tribe” At MWW, we’ve learned the importance of connecting with other writers, for support, to share information, for possible editing of one another’s work, and because it’s just plain fun.

[Limit 25] Holly will edit and critique these pages and display them to the class as a way of revealing strengths and weaknesses in the material.

Tender, raw, funny, and instructional, Rewrite Your Life offers both a map and a model for those seeking to transform themselves through the simple, profound act of novel writing. If you can, also bring with a maximum 5-page scene from a work in progress for an editing exercise.In this intensive session, we’ll dive into Scrivener and explore the many tools available to help with your writing.Scrivener is full of features that can help you get more organized and find the things you need, saving you time and making it easier to get things done.“Women’s Fiction” is a widely used, frequently misunderstood publishing term.In this session we’ll discuss the genre’s definition and scope–from sweeping family dramas to light-hearted romance, common (and often overused) tropes, and what makes Women’s Fiction such a vital part of the publishing landscape.

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The workshop will explore different writing styles seen in Women’s Fiction, tips for your own writing, and ideas for helping your story stand out —including characterization, pacing, and conflict.

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