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Happily, Ellen got married after college to a man everyone liked, and in time, kids came along; Ellen now tries to be the perfect Christian wife and mother.

Ellen and her husband seem to have a normal sexual relationship, but she often fantasizes about other men.

By all appearances, he and his wife have a healthy marriage.

They go to church regularly and seem to be living the model Christian life.

An important part of healing post discovery of infidelity is learning to trust your intuition again, a professional therapist can guide you back to confidence and self assurance by providing skills for partners to make informed choices, whether they end or continue the relationship post disclosure.

Jay is a 30-year-old man who has a six-year marriage and two young children.

Discovering that there has been serial sexual infidelity can be incredibly traumatic for some.

Their trust and belief in the person is shattered and they are often overwhelmed when they discover the full extent of the addiction.

At the same time, his guilt and shame about the sexual sins he has already committed make him wonder if God really loves him.

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Being the partner of someone who is addicted to sex can be lonely, isolating and they can be the forgotten victims.

Gaslighting is term often used when dealing with partners of sexual addicts.

The term originates from a 1938 stage play where the wife is led to believe that she is in fact imagining the dimming of the lights.

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The addict also believes that they aren’t really cheating as the porn or chat room sex isn’t a “real life” situation- therefore not valid.

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