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Kitty is pretty adventurous with her shows and often dresses up, strips down, and uses sex toys on camera.

She also offers one-to-one, private shows to those willing to pay more.

I will get a customer who wants me to dress up specifically in stockings so I will put them on before he takes me into a show. ‘I domme sometimes as there are submissive men who enjoy being humiliated. ‘Some will come, start a show, tell me to strip and leave after 3 minutes,’ explained Kitty.

‘I strip tease a lot on cam, people enjoy the dancing.. Others I have formed a friendship with over the years and I will know exactly what they like.

But Kitty is adamant that this view is incredibly reductive – explaining that so far, her experience with porn has been brilliant.

She said: ‘People in the porn industry are just normal people!

But despite the honesty, all prices remain the same – and apparently, these rates are pretty good.

In an interview with uk, Kitty, whose real name cannot be shared, said: ‘An average night goes like this: I’ll post about going on cam and if I don’t get private Skype sessions I will log into the cam site onto preview where I sit and chat to the customers and tell them what I do.

‘I tend to wear a t-shirt or a little skirt as you can’t be nude in the preview. ’ According to Kitty, her audience is predominantly male, though the cam sites she uses contain thousands of viewers – so it often depends on what she’s offering when it comes to who will view.

Real beauties avid for cock, moody to share and provide the best nudity scenes in smashing moments of extra spicy porn.

Kitty Misfit is a 23-year-old camgirl from Newcastle, who recently made her debut in the porn industry.

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