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It is revealed in episode 32 that she knew Dan from when she was little, but didn't realize it because she didn't catch his name. She has not brawled for the final showdown against King Zenoheld as Tigrerra chose not to brawl and put her into trouble.She missed her friends so much that she teleported herself to New Vestroia but she was half way there.Dan along with the rest of restisance attempt to stop the alternative through any means necessary.

He is a Ventus brawler and he approaches Bakugan like a ninja.It is unknown if Shun has a father, this is not yet revealed, he has not appeared in any of the seasons. In New Vestroia, Shun came to New Vestroia completely by accident, and explained why Dan could not contact him in episode 1; he was up alone in the mountains working on his ninja skills, when a warp hole appeared and he was sucked into New Vestroia. He made a cameo appearance in episode 4 when Marucho battled Mylene, but his face was not revealed as his hood covered it completely and was offered a place in the Vexos.After hearing that Skyress was taken captive, he rushed towards one of the cities to save her, but on the way, teamed up with Dan after rescuing him from Spectra and Gus.She's believed to be 16 years old in the third season's timeline.Even though she didn't appear in Gundalian Invaders as an individual, in True Colors, she was shown in a flashback from New Vestroia, and in Mobile Assault, she was shown in a picture with Dan.

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