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Feeling a sense of kinship, Margaret creates the Empress Arcana Social Link with the protagonist.Through the protagonist's interactions with Margaret, it is revealed that Margaret possesses a silly, whimsical sense of humor, despite her initial image as a composed and dignified woman.Margaret then gives the protagonist her Spiral Brooch as a sign of their friendship.Completing the Empress Social Link also bestows the ultimate Persona of the Empress Arcana, Isis.Margaret also takes care to mention that the protagonist is the first guest of the Velvet Room not to be welcomed by Igor, but rather by Margaret, an assistant.Margaret would later mention that the protagonist is also, coincidentally, the first person she officially welcomes.Later, the protagonist can visit Margaret prior to the day he leaves Yasoinaba should he complete the Empress Arcana Social Link.

Margaret then takes the opportunity to steal a kiss from the protagonist, telling him since this action is considered to be 'sinful' in the Velvet Room, she does not want the protagonist to see her sinful actions.

By completing all of Margaret's requests, Margaret tells the protagonist that, in actuality, she isn't interested in the results, but the protagonist's efforts to fulfill her requests.

Margaret explains then that the protagonist is essentially training his soul, and tells the protagonist that one's action actually stirs the heart more than any words could express, and tells him that one day, the protagonist may be the one giving her her answer to life.

If all the challenges are successfully met, Margaret will serve as the second optional boss in the game.

She gives the player the key item Jade Bookmark upon her defeat, which has no in-game use, similar to the Raden Bookmark of Persona 4.

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A new door will appear at the left side of the Tartarus lobby when the protagonist (regardless if male or female) pursues the good ending by not killing Ryoji.

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