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Variations of this casting trope are also seen in Latin America, Northern Africa/Western Asia, and East Asia.This trope is a common source of Unfortunate Implications; given this trope's prevalence throughout the world's entertainment industries, there are numerous variations on this trope listed below.This was punctuated by two periods when Americans began to feel better about the economy under Ronald Reagan in the 1980s and Bill Clinton in the 1990s.Today, the average American middle class and working class household has the same income it did in 19 respectively.

This was the context of the social experiments of that transformative decade.

America was overwhelmingly White and was rich and naive enough to be more generous on race.

It took decades for neo-liberalism and globalization to take its toll on the middle class.

Black actresses are hit even harder (as detailed here) due to Eurocentric beauty standards favoring fair skin for women.

In a word, this phenomenon has been called "colorism." Colourism can also come down to a latent class bias: worldwide, lighter skin (relative to one's own people) has typically been associated with wealth and lounging around indoors, and darker with poverty and working in the fields.

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A handful of elite media executives no longer have the power to control the narrative.

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