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It compromises the mutual trust and respect needed for love and connection. Own the Source of Your Comment Are you holding on to resentment and anger about something else that is coming out as dismissal or denigration of your partner? Friendly Feedback At a calm moment – ask if your partner ever feels invalidated by the way you say things to him/her.

From what I have observed with couples over the years it often unfolds in the following ways: Some partners absorb the disqualification and negative implication and act into it. If the conversation takes off, you might even share if you think you both at times invalidate each other.

So critical in fact, that parenting experts report that it’s one of the most important things a parent can do to foster healthy psychological development in their children (Read: The Power of Validation by Karyn D. Denying someone’s feelings and emotional experience can make them feel like they’re going crazy!I am using this tutorial and have no issues implementing it.However, when I change the background of the view, it still responds as if the previous background is still set.This means that the redraw will be performed only when the current code has all been executed.In this case, if something is blocking your UI-Thread, you could use Async Task or a Runnable to perform your task.

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