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For me, that’s part of the motivation in making this: If we could redress the balance a little bit.”Spoiler alert: It works.

Immediately after watching whipped me into a fervor of Oasis nostalgia by focusing not on the story of the breakup, nor the long slog leading up to it, but on the heady two and a half years that took the Gallaghers from utter obscurity to world renown/notoriety.

When we finished, both Noel and Liam were like: You sure you don’t want to carry on next week? S., but you make the case that they symbolized something more in England.

Something was happening in this country at that moment in time.

Whitecross told me he was surprised by how real the Gallaghers got during interviews.

“This wasn’t an investigative piece of journalism,” he explained.

What does best is to offer a bit of insight into what the Gallaghers have been so mad about all these years, and how all that anger translated into a couple of truly excellent albums.

We meet brothers with diametrically opposed dispositions: Noel, five years older, serious, introverted, and slightly repressed, with a hair-trigger temper; Liam, the baby, exuberant, extroverted, inconsiderate, and a bit unhinged. “I’m like a cat.” Another interviewee offers a more unsettling image: “Noel has a lot of buttons; Liam has a lot of fingers.”We chuckle at unearthed footage of an early gig in the States, when Liam beaned Noel with a tambourine onstage.

It was the “last great gathering of the people before the birth of the Internet,” but also, perhaps, the last great moment of Oasis.It was more about giving them the space to tell their story truthfully.They allowed us into their lives, which wasn’t a given.When it comes to infamous sibling rivalries, there’s Cain and Abel, Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine, and then there’s the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel. Unclear, because, true to form, the Gallaghers each told a different story.The fraternal frontmen of the Britpop band Oasis emerged from the gritty council estates of Manchester in the early 1990s, rocking Beatles-inspired style and imbibing Rolling Stones–esque quantities of drugs, and proceeded to put out seven albums over a tumultuous 18 years, feuding and sniping every step of the way. Suffice to say that there was a major gig canceled at the eleventh hour, and a violent scuffle, possibly involving flying fruit and a swinging guitar.

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