Mistakes men make in dating

Be careful with vertical stripes, such as a pin-striped dress shirt or striped suit,” says Kevin Harter, vice president of fashion direction, Men’s and Home, for Bloomingdale’s.“The stripes will add height to your overall appearance,” Harter says, and you don’t want to look Buy a tie that hits you at the correct place, or simply adjust the one you have, if that works.

Throughout my life, I watched my sisters and my friends spend endless hours trying to figure out what was going on in a man’s head – and why they had such a hard time finding and keeping a truly amazing relationship.If you’re tall but not big, make sure to have your clothes taken in as needed.“This can easily be rectified with some alterations, keeping you from looking like an 'after' picture in a diet ad,” Fenton says.There will be times when you’re not happy with something he’s doing. The best strategy is to tell him what it is you want (I love it when you do X) instead of harping on what you don’t want (Why don’t you ever do Y?) Again, stop looking at the things he isn’t doing and look at what he doing, and then acknowledge and appreciate him for it!

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