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If your manufacturer can't replace the piece or you have any trouble reaching them, please contact us (if you purchased it from Jigsaw Jungle International Inc.) toll-free: 1.877.758.6453 or by email: [email protected] we'll see what we can do to help.If your puzzle is no longer available, or you don't want to replace the whole thing, you cantry contacting the Puzzle Doctor! Casey Drive Buffalo, NY 14206 Web: Click here for online customer service form Phone: 617-926-8080 Instructions: 1. Place the UPC code and info sheet in envelope and mail to: CEACO Quality Control C/O Edaron, Inc 100 Appleton St.

If you purchased a Piatnik puzzle from Jigsaw Jungle International Inc., please email us ([email protected]) or call our toll-free number at 1.877.758.6453 for help handling any issues with manufacturer defects or missing pieces.

You excitedly open the box and start happily putting it together, when uh-oh, you're missing a piece! Puzzle pieces can sometimes seem like socks in a dryer; you know there in there, but you just can't find them.

They can easily be misplaced, so make sure you look everywhere before you panic.

I don't collect jigsaw puzzles, though they are a huge category and we've got plenty of them lying about the house.

However, some sub-species may be of interest to the mechanical puzzle collector...

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: Their website indicates they cannot replace individual puzzle pieces due to the production process.

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