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When I wrote this I wrote a huuuge post so I've rewritten it in a very condensed form: - Originally bought two dumbo rats (Gus and Boris) from Pets At Home who I have a great bond with and are the loveliest, most loving creatures alive. Integration went really well and they all cuddled and groomed together from the start.

but any other time he just goes onto his wheel and if we get close he runs faster. what else should i do because i feel slightly frightened to let him out of his cage and even into the bath tub because i fear the difficulty he may face when he goes back into his cage, and how difficult it would be to get him back in there. My Danny Boo jumped around like a cricket any time I tried to touch him at first.

Hi ive had a Syrian hamster for 2 days now, hes still quite young but as soon as we brought him home and into his new cage he seemed to have settled down straight away, but since the first night he always seems to be hiding in his house.

when he is out and about roaming his cage and on the wheel, he seems to run away from us when we go near him.

If he escape have an ice cream tub ready and put it over him. He will not be able to climb the sides of the bath tub if he goes skittish. Do not remove his food and always put a little in there when you clean out so he does not feel it has all gone. I know you can do this Thank you for all the help and advice and today i managed to take him into the hallway and lift him up play with him from hand to hand and then clean out his cage!

while i cleaned out his cage i had to leave him in a box beside be though and he became quite scared as i expected and tried to get out.

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