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The scribal class in Mesopotamia emerged roughly around the early second millennium BC, when formal schooling emerged....[tags: History, Writing] - Water is one of the most important elements needed to sustain life.

[tags: Chapter Synopsis] - The people of ancient civilizations like ancient China and ancient Greece chose to move from one place to another frequently to find a location that was most suitable for their settlement. I will be analyzing the push and pull factors of ancient China and ancient Greece to determine why they moved from one region of their country to another....- The History of Ancient Gambling Gambling was present in almost every major, ancient civilization.From the Mesolithic rolling of hucklebones, to the Mesopotamian invention of the six-sided die, and finally to the Chinese invention of the card, not only did gambling survive through countless civilizations of ancient history, it evolved into a global phenomenon.How they determined a location was based on both its economical and geographical features. [tags: research paper, world history paper, ] - For thousands of years, people all over the world have developed, progressed, and eventually formed civilizations.They would ask questions like “Will the soil be fertile enough to sustain plant life? A civilization is a community characterized by elements such as a system of writing, a development of social classes, and cities.

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No ancient civilization has contributed more to this base than the civilization of Ancient Greece.

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