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On 12 September 1862 a Franco-Malagasy treaty of friendship is signed, recognising the kingdoms sovereignty.However, certain clauses that authorise the takeover of land, natural resources, and the use of the labour force, put this sovereignty at risk.The latest research fits with a time window in the later date range - but only on the nearby Comoros Islands.South-East Asian food crops apparently arrive on Madagascar only in the eleventh century, a century later than even the least-generous previous dating.Instead the linguistic links are also from South-East Asia (along with the aforementioned phenotypic features).Genetic studies support the theory that this South-East Asian ancestry co-mingled with African ancestry, although there has been little archaeological evidence, such as pottery, to clearly link these early populations to South-East Asia. This propounds that a colony of about thirty women along with an unknown quantity of men, mostly of Indonesian descent, landed on the island around AD 800, perhaps after sailing off course.Given the recent research that has discovered that South-East Asian crops only arrive on the island in the 1000s but that they exist on the nearby Comoros Islands by around AD 800, it seems a safe assumption to say that trading has begun between the South-East Asian settlers of the Comoros and the occupants of north-western Madagascar.Such trading often leads to the creation of permanent trading posts for the importers (the same is often true in ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia).

The Merina clan in the central highlands of Madagascar had lived in relative isolation from the rest of Madagascar for several centuries, but by 1824 they had conquered nearly all the various clans in Madagascar - thanks to the leadership of two shrewd kings, Andrianampoinimerina and his son, Radama I.

Personal names used before individuals ascended the throne are shown in parenthesis.

(Additional information from Country Studies - Area Handbook, US Department of the Army at the US Library of Congress, and from External Link: Women in African History (UNESCO).) The British governor of Mauritius concludes a treaty with Radama to abolish the slave trade in Madagascar.

More permanent settlement and occupation of Madagascar by the Comoros people certainly follows this.

Pedro Alvares Cabral leads a thirteen-vessel fleet from Portugal to introduce Christianity wherever he goes, by force if necessary.

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Such an origin would explain the range of Malagasy phenotypic features, which form a mixture of Asian (Austronesian) and African racial types, whilst also including elements from the Arabs, Indians and Europeans who came later.

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