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The Soviets promised to provide humane surrender conditions and not to mistreat the German and Hungarian prisoners. Gorbatyuk quickly jumped into a trench and narrowly escaped.They also promised that the emissaries' groups would not bring weapons and would appear in cars with white flags. Owing to heavy German fire, the Soviets were not able to retrieve Ostapenko's body until the night of 29 December.In January 1945, the Germans launched a three-part counter-offensive codenamed Operation Konrad.This was a joint German-Hungarian effort to relieve the encircled garrison of Budapest. The German IV SS Panzer Corps attacked from Tata through hilly terrain north-west of Budapest in an effort to break the siege.More than 1,000,000 men, split into two operating maneuver groups, advanced.The plan was to isolate Budapest from the rest of the German and Hungarian forces.Their negotiating effort was a failure; Wildenbruch refused the surrender conditions and sent the Soviet agents back to the battlefield. When the emissaries arrived, the German garrison fired at them.

The Red Army, after a much-needed pause in hostilities, resumed its offensive on 19 December.As a result of the Soviet link-up, nearly 33,000 German and 37,000 Hungarian soldiers, as well as over 800,000 civilians, became trapped within the city.Refusing to authorize a withdrawal, Adolf Hitler had declared Budapest a fortress city (Festung Budapest), which was to be defended to the last man.The next day, two groups of Soviet emissaries appeared as expected. He was buried at Budafok with full military honors.The first, belonging to the 3rd Ukrainian Front, arrived at AM in the Budafok sector and was taken to the headquarters of General Wildenbruch. The second group of emissaries belonged to the 2nd Ukrainian Front and arrived at AM in the Kispest sector.

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On 26 December, a road linking Budapest to Vienna was seized by Soviet troops, thereby completing the encirclement.

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