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On every one of the 97 occasions on which Gary is alleged to have hacked into military and NASA computers, he was at his flat in North London, using only a modem and a primitive computer borrowed from his then girlfriend's aunt. He is also alleged to have shut down 2,000 Army computers for 24 hours - posting a notice on the military website saying: 'Your security is cr*p.' He insists he was doing nothing more sinister than looking for proof of something in which he genuinely believes - evidence on NASA computers of the existence of alien life. authorities allege that Gary caused £500,000 worth of damage to their computers, a charge he fiercely denies. foreign policy is akin to government-sponsored terrorism these days ...

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The DPP's defence is that the victim of Gary's crimes was the U. has also raised concerns about what might happen to any 'unused' sensitive material in the case, and the ' availability of procedures to deal appropriately with it' in the UK. After his extradition was formally approved by then Home Secretary John Reid in July 2006, lawyers prepared a string of appeals. S.'s crude use of plea bargaining in early interviews.

S., and that is where most of the evidence against him is held. In particular, they focused on the remarks made by Scott Stein in April 2003 that if Gary did not contest extradition he could expect a 'sentence of three to four years', and that after serving six to 12 months in the U.

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He would sit at his computer day and night, often in his pyjamas, drinking beer as he breached the security of sensitive U. Not even his most ardent supporters are insisting he should escape punishment for his crimes. waited until October 2004 to make an extradition request for Gary, and he was arrested in June 2005 - three years and three months after being initially seized by the Met.

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