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Suzaku met Lelouch vi Britannia and his sister Nunnally vi Britannia when they moved to the Kururugi residence as a diplomatic peace trade.At first, Suzaku despised Lelouch because he thought that he was a prince who didn't care about anyone.During the battle on Shikine Island, in which Suzaku is ordered to sacrifice himself to kill Zero, Lelouch is forced to use the power of Geass on Suzaku in order to escape destruction, and commands him to "live," forcing him to survive by any means from then on.Suzaku falls in love with Euphemia, and thus is emotionally crushed by her murder at Zero's hands. V., who explains Zero's power of Geass to him, which drives him to find and kill Zero at all costs.Amazon com My Sweet Proposal free dating sim Appstore for Android Tourist brokers ml SYSTEM Every dating sim will not be complete without these two features This game will have a CG gallery where you can view CGs that you have obtained .

Lelouch believes that, had Genbu lived, Japan would have likely been torn apart by war once the other major powers decided to intervene. However, the bullet is stopped by a broken pocket watch belonging to his deceased father.

While he agrees with Zero on the latter's assertion that the Britannian Empire is corrupt and not worth serving, he wants to change and improve the Empire from within, to show that his father's death was not in vain.

From this point on, Suzaku remains the pilot of the Lancelot.

In the aftermath of Shirley's death, Suzaku investigates Shirley's supposed suicide and comes to the conclusion that Lelouch murdered her.

He decides to question Kallen about Zero's true identity, threatening to use Refrain if she does not cooperate.

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