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‘I’m in serious talks with three men – one from India, one from Germany and a gay man from the US,’ says Rachel.

Melani, 42, a senior sales consultant from New York, has also joined

With home insemination via AI, the donor is classed as the legal father unless the mother is married, in which case the husband can assume parental responsibility if he consents.

With NI the biological dad is always classed as the legal father.

However, when you've got kids it can put added pressure on finding someone new.Well what if there's a place where you'll be meeting someone in exactly the same situation?Well actually there's a lot of them and we'll be taking a look at some of the best single dating sites in the UK.Emma Elms reports on the rise of the unconventional trend.WANTED Male co-parent to father at least one child with an attractive, financially independent 42-year-old woman.

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After 18 months of searching for a potential baby father, she has signed up to a website giving her access to thousands of men across the world who, like her, aren’t looking for a relationship, but want a child with someone who’ll take their parenting role seriously.

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  1. For one, it happened during my year traveling abroad, the belated “gap year” I had decided to take after quitting my job, ending a relationship, and leaving everything from my so-called “normal” life behind. Later, I would read studies reassuring me that “freezing” is a common—and totally natural—response to sexual assault.

  2. This is why we streamline our services, putting a focus on compatibility, customer support and user safety, so men seeking men are free to concentrate on the more exciting side of gay dating in NZ – the actual dates themselves!