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Hi, We are a small business with 15 employees and are recently reviewing some offers to upgrade our old Panasonic PBX to a new one.

Meraki has created a dynamic dashboard page to help customers quickly identify vulnerable networks.

To view this page, navigate to all customers to verify that they are either patched to the latest firmware version* or that they have disabled 802.11r.

Associating to a new AP takes time, thanks to necessary authentication.

FT speeds up the authentication and association process for roaming clients — helping to protect against packet loss and poor performance in applications like Vo IP calls or streaming content.details potential exploits using the newly-disclosed FT vulnerability.

This script does 2 things and does them well: It loops through (all) end users (not application users), populates all their controlled device associations and then updates all those devices with an appropriate owner User Name; it also has the ability for Exclusions of end users (possibly admins who control devices that really aren’t the phone view user if not an application user).

Requirements: Python 2.7, Requests and LXML Libraries, a little programming knowledge is good as well. Below is a representation of what we want to fix (we do not want to have unassigned devices or we at least want to keep them at a minimum): The script that was created in order to perform said task is significantly innocuous.

There are ways to make this script much more flexible, and I already have but cannot release that’s due elsewhere.Users in CUCM have appropriate Devices Associated with his/her User Id, but the Owner User Id is not populated on the Phone itself.Problem: Reconciling User Licenses in 9.x/10.x (ELM/PLM) in order to not be penalized with “less” licenses if/when we deploy Jabber and/or other services for our Users.One of the things that bothers me with Avaya is that their solution is not pure IP and they don't support SIP phones (only SIP trunking).On the other hand, their solution seems to have more features than Cisco's (the free Phone Manager Lite software for example) and I heard they keep updating IP Office with new features in each version (version updates are also free).

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