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I try to read all prayers every day and do truly ask the Lord to hear your prayers and my prayers for you all. Thank you for all the blessings that my family and I received.And in doing so I realize that stress at work, no matter how great, is child’s play compared to most people’s crosses. Please help, me find the true person I need in my life. Please dearest Lord all the angels and saints, nanay, tatay, lolo, lola, please, I hope I will pass all my subjects. Angelica 1/2/18: Saint Jude please help me I cant take care of my 75 year old mother anymore she has dementia and a pain pill addiction. Annette1/2/18: Lord, thank you for all your provisions. Please help us with financial stability, to draw closer to You, to be good parents to our children, to understand our readings and allow Your will to be done unto us. Open his mind to absorb all that he's being taught so that he may continue to advance. May he learn to Let Go, and Let God, and allow Your Holy Spirit to flow inside him. CM1/2/18: Please pray for the repose of the soul of my friend Barbara and my deceased family and friends. Elizabeth 1/2/18: Please pray that my husband and I will remain healthy as we go on vacation for the next two months.Linda 1/9/18: Please pray for me, and the others in my building, that solutions are found so none of us lose our ability to live here. I also ask for prayers for all my children/grandchildren/spouse, all siblings and their children, for good health and prosperity this year. Mohan1/9/18: Please pray that my medical procedure today is successful and that I am kept safe throughout the procedure and after. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him.Elizabeth1/9/18: Please help me in my prayers for my son, that he will focus more in school, and to be a more responsible person. Thank you, thank you, thank you, our Heavenly Father. Deepti1/9/18: Another day: please continue praying for my cousin Ruth and please let her tumors be gone in his name I pray. Pray that they would be surrounded by Godly counsel, and that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone.And for my son to get a job as a boilermaker, as he is without work. Linda1/9/18: Please pray for my daughter, who is soon going to be writing finals for the end of semester one of Grade 12. I ask God to guide her and give her the wisdom and the knowledge she needs, and to know that He is there for her, no matter what. Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; that the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually.Kerry1/9/18: Pray to get back my money till Monday. 1/9/18: Please pray for my eldest son to give him a clear mind not to dwell in the past, and practice humility to support his two daughters; and pray also for his partner. Sheila1/9/18: Please pray for the safety of my house. Pray against the spirit of anti-Christ, false witness, terrorism, hatred and violence.

Please note as well that due to the large volume of prayer requests we receive, we cannot publish more than one post for prayer requests from the same person on any given day, except for those requests involving emergencies. The voices get so loud in her mind that she literally cannot hear the outer world. And please pray for her, that nothing will happen to her due to Dengvaxia given to her. Please Lord, be with us in this trying times and heal my son. Thank you in advance for your prayers you do for everyone. Suy1/10/18: Please pray my friend passes his exam required for his job. Lord, I pray for continued blessings of good health and happiness. Please give her hope and confidence during the exam. Bless me financially, that I start on my own and help others. Let the Holy Spirit go at the present on my children Marie and Brice Jr. Let the Holy Spirit go at the present on my husband Brice Sr., and let the evil living in him go out and not destroy me. I ask God to help me heal all the wounds in my soul and Philip’s soul from all our past mistakes, I ask God to wash this relationship clean with the blood of Jesus Christ from all the enemy attacks. I ask for a miracle to heal and reunite me and Philip. They want to put her on palliative care and only gave her weeks to 6 months to live. Alma M.1/8/18: Please pray for my father Carmelo whose bladder cancer has returned. M.1/8/18: Father, thank you for all that you have given me and my family. Father, heal my son from all that he is going through in his life. Help him to find a girlfriend who loves him for who he is and that he can be happy. Bohdan1/8/18: That he turns from despair, and so do I. I am afraid he is going to die, and do not want either of us to get even worse. I try to help with the little I get but someone here in this household seems to think I can do it all. Jim1/8/18: Please pray for my daughter Celena as she comes closer to her delivery date, that she and her unborn daughter will have no complications; that they will both be strong and healthy when the time comes for Isabella Mae to join our family. Let the good in him continue to shine through, and any worry, frustration or irritability fall to the wayside. Marie1/7/18: I pray my husband finds gainful employment asap, being that he's been through a lot and we are struggling financially. Heal all of my mother’s pain and forgive me Lord for giving my mother pain. I have struggled for a couple of years and am becoming very tired. Ray1/7/18: 1) My virtues, spiritual life, and overall relationship with God; 2) My studies and my vocation; 3) My works as a Pro-Lifer, apologetics, etc. May God send the Holy Spirit to help and guide my daughter this enrollment period so that she can complete her units. Bring us together again into wholeness with your spirit. Please pray for my brother and also everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Please Lord, give her back her strength and the will to live. Sheila1/5/18: I pray I don’t lose my home, properties. Pray that God delivers him from this and that everything will be ok. La Keisha1/5/18: Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favors, this time I ask for this special one. Heal my son from all that he is going through in his life and give him the courage, strength, guidance, and wisdom to continue his education and do well. To my husband Carmelo, to be faithful always and love me till death do us part. Letty1/5/18: I pray that God watches over my two teenage sons. I pray God watches over the man I love who is struggling with severe depression and anxiety. I pray that he understands I love him and will not hurt him. She is in the ICU fighting for her life.1/4/18: For my sobriety, for my family, for Cooper, for Kylee, and for Natalie. Also, help them find spouses to settle down with and live a happy and healthy life. I still want to visit you and hopefully to live there for my protection. For my granddaughter Baby Sofia, that she is a healthy happy baby, that there is nothing wrong with her legs or blood work. Thanks for joining with me in calling the Lord to remember me and my family, and grant my intentions through your prayers. No donations are ever necessary, but having masses offered for the Knights of Mercy is always welcome. Art also has a bad migraine, and his oxygen levels are low. Please pray that Jesus Christ, who is the Great Physician, will guide the surgeon's hands and that the Holy Spirit will be with me. Thank you so much and God Bless and answer everyone's prayers. They are using witchcraft to break us apart and they are succeeding.

He was married to a Filipino woman for a while and then he said he made a mistake and wanted me back. SOS, Jesus and Mary come rescue me and my kids from his dark evil curse. Bring us Godly mates and Godly friends, pastors, angels, and restoration. Thank you sweet Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary and St. Karen1/11/18: Please pray for my wife and our family. Jude, please intercede with the Lord to grant my special request. We've tried to get him help but he is certain that he doesn't need help.

Pray a special prayer for my 2 adult kids (and me too), especially for them (J. Their dad is a very sick, mentally ill, untreated, mean alcoholic and drug addict, and he’s affecting us 3 (especially my 2 kids) in an extremely negative way; ruining our lives emotionally and physically, upsetting us, etc. Please, I'm so desperate and lonely with no one for real support. D.1/6/18: Please pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of William van Willingham. Jim1/6/18: Please pray for all young people who have wandered from devotion to Christ and no longer practice their faith. Please pray for a speedy recovery for me and better health. He will not go into the hospital for assistance and has not been on medication which it is his right. Latoya, Michael Sr., Melissa, Sonserya, Lavounta, Tracey, Savannah, the precious little children. Please pray for healing so we can bring her back home. Jamie1/5/18: I would like to get prayers for my mother Bernadette to come back home, in Jesus' Name. We believe in miracles and wonders through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks, Fadi1/5/18: Please pray for Luke Allen, mentally tormented, damaged by drug use, and homeless.

You can give your name or an abbreviation if you wish. Please heal her brain tumors and come into her son’s heart, as he is not a believer. Sheila1/12/18: I pray for love, good health, and prosperity into this New Year for all my family and friends, most especially for my children and grandchildren. You have been there to ease my pain throughout my life. I cannot help anyone with this pain continuing to hurt me. Please also pray that no weapon formed against me will prosper, and that the spirit of fear be removed. Pray that a financial blessing happens to me and my grandmother, and bless my grandmother with a paid and full house. Marcus1/10/18: Please pray for a financial blessing for me. I don't want him to lose hope, so please let something happen soon. I need to ask you all to stand in a firm prayer with me. Also, still Jude, please help make Herb’s last days as comfortable as possible. Luci C.1/8/18: Please pray for my mother, Natalia H., that she will be cured of her cancer and other health problems related to it. Jude, please help me, my husband, my daughter, and grandchildren, that things get better. Help him realize his value and the importance of good choices and positive friends. Please pray for her to be completely cured and for cancer never to find its way back ever again. May he choose life and stop torturing me mentally by threatening to commit suicide. Rose1/7/18: I pray for the soul of my deceased husband Eric San Miguel. They would start the chemotherapy treatment my Monday January 8th. I still trust him to heal my baby from this danger. Please pray for me to get a breakthrough of finances so that I can pay my housing loan. May the merciful Lord listen to my prayers and grant them if they are His Divine will. Pray that Reid chooses the college God wants him to go to, and that he stays in the faith throughout his college years and forever. Please pray for his cancer and pain to be cured and his appetite and strength. I divorced him due to his abusive behavior towards me and my children and he will not stop abusing or harassing me and our children. Cathy1/4/18: Please pray for my late husband's benefits to be released so that my children can go to school. Barbra 1/4/18: Need help for peace, security and safety. I ask for your prayers and help and guidance for healing and health and my spiritual life. John1/4/18: Please pray for the healing of my body as well as my mind. James 1/4/18: Please pray for my sons namely Evans, Eric, and Kevin for completion of their studies and get employment. Namrata 1/4/18: Please pray for the restoration of my 3 year relationship with the person I love. Second Degree Pledge: as First Degree, and offer one Act of Mercy a day in Work, Word or Prayer. Please pray that they will be blessed with a little one! He is bedridden, and has a hole, a wound in his leg from a knee replacement gone bad, that oozes joint fluid out of it, and this is since August of last year. Please pray for Art, and our dogs also, Tweet’s and Shiloh.

We post prayer requests as they come in, on this page, following the form given below, usually within a day or two of receiving them. I pray for my daughter Celena as she comes closer to giving birth. Debbie-Ann1/11/18: Please pray for my Granddaughter Kayla to give her strength and guidance. Taniya G.1/10/18: Please pray for my girl friend Mary from Germany who is suffering from severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). I have nothing, and I need a miracle in my finances. Glenda 1/10/18: Please pray my husband's cancer has not spread and was successfully treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. CT1/10/18: Lord, please heal my son Darren from his high fever. Bless me today financially to pay all I have to pay and do all I have to do. I know that there is nothing impossible for our God and I have faith that he will hear this prayer. Anne1/9/18: I pray for family unity and financial success. May the Eternal Father guide the Doctors in her treatment. Jude and all the saints, I ask for prayers for my sons and their families and for my grandchildren and for my wife and me. Please help me financially during this difficult time being the sole provider for this family, and that I do better at my job. I pray for our relationship which is very tense right now and that he sees that I truly love him and want the best. Please pray for direction for him and me as we navigate through choppy waters. Natalie1/7/18: Thank you for all the prayers that have been said. Please continue to pray that Curt has an easy transition as he begins his new job tomorrow. May perpetual light shine upon him and may he rest in Jesus’ love, mercy and peace. Also, we are financially weak and it is hard for us to arrange money for my brother’s treatment. Lloyd1/5/18: Please pray that God can help me not to lose my salvation and my job in the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified). And please pray for my hubby Prabu, a police officer, to get his promotion in his job. Please pray that I am able to keep my job for more years, to help my family. Please also pray that Kyle finds God's path as well, and that the Holy Spirit will touch him so that he returns to the faith. Christine1/4/18: Please pray for both of my children, Nicholas and Krystal. Phyllis1/4/18: Please pray that we are able to get my mother-in-law admitted to our local hospital today. We are being sued for a major crime of which I am not familiar with or involved in. I do not know what to do anymore, and if this is a path to my death or to eternal life. For all our special intentions we hold close and dear to our hearts. Prayers for the deceased of our families and for the poor and needy and suffering and for our country and the leadership. Please pray for me to get a breakthrough of finances so that I can complete my project of putting up a resident house. May I walk close with the Lord in this moment of difficulties, and for Him to show me a direction in life.1/4/18: Please pray for me I have very sleepless nights, very sore back. Third Degree Pledge: as Second Degree pledge, and join in the official prayer of the Church by reciting one or more hours of the Liturgy of the Hours or a Little Office, or five decades of the Rosary in lieu of the Office. You can change your degree of pledge at anytime by emailing us at above address. We are waiting on new doctors now to call and give us a decision on how to treat my husband. Our two dogs are just getting over a viral infection. Thank you and God Bless everyone.1/3/18: I'm having open heart surgery on January 11th.

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It is hard to keep the faith with everyone around saying to let it go. May He teach us to share these to the needy and less fortunate. Betsy A., who is sick; but they are unable to determine what is wrong with her. I still trust him to heal my baby from this danger. Also pray for peace, unity, and happiness within me and my husband and my in-laws and my parents. Please pray that his life be transformed and he may seek and know God. I am grateful for my siblings who have been able to help me in these trying times. Samuel1/10/18: Please pray for my friend Elizabeth to come back to the friendship as before. Please, please pray for my baby’s health, growth, and development.

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