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Cutting to the chase, whomever is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, they weren't Canadian.

And if it's a Canadian-born Chinese soldier, then on Remembrance Day we're paying homage to a 'stateless registered alien'. November 11, 2014: Library and Archives Canada - War Art says Canadians are Citizens in 1944 - In the Library and Archives website citation below this poster, LAC clearly states: Figure 29: Poster illustrating that all war dead are Canadian citizens, 1944. November 11, 2014: Department of National Defence 1943 - The Battle of Brains Canadian Citizenship and the Issues of War - 1943 propaganda recruiting document published by Canadian military services clearly states Canadians are citizens.

It had nothing to do with a person being good or bad, but rather it could have been because you were born in wedlock, or maybe you were born out-of wedlock, or you were born before a certain date, or you were born on a Canadian military base overseas, or your mother was Canadian rather than your father, or in some cases it was your father who was Canadian but not your mother, or you were outside of Canada on your 24th birthday.

There were twelve distinct ways to lose your citizenship, none of which would pass the 'smell' test if scrutinized under today's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. November 11, 2014: Lost Canadians - Canadian Citizenship History Links - Dozens of links and there are many many more from the Supreme Court of Canada decisions dating back to the 1920s and 30s to the issue of Home Children and War Brides who cannot prove they are Canadian citizens. November 11, 2014: Documenting Canadian Citizenship - History of Pre-1947 Citizenship by Fred Colburne - We honour the flag and we cherish our passports.

November 11, 2014: Lost Canadians - The Revised History of Canadian Citizenship by Don Chapman - What's a lost Canadian?

The government must respond to the petition within 60 days. November 11, 2014: Telegraph Journal - Citizenship Urged For Those Who Died Serving Canada - “These people were Canadian.They always look at a cost basis they don’t often look and say let’s just do the right thing.” Click here for more...April 18, 2014: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Investigates - Interview with 3 First Nations who are being told they are not Canadian citizens.“Governments don’t like correcting past mistakes,” says Chapman from his Vancouver apartment.“They don’t like admitting them, they don’t like apologizing for them.

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