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Later, the nepotistically-privileged socialite tweeted that a reboot of MTV's The Simple Life starring Paris Hilton and herself (rather than half-sister Nicole) 'would be so good.''One of my closest friends in the industry would probably be Paris Hilton,' the 5ft6in blonde gushed to Wonderland Magazine last December.

He's a peerless tunesmith, natural born entertainer and custodian of the finest moustache in pop.

And the fine dining is paying off, with the once gaunt star looking well fed and healthy on his night out with Brenda and Paris.

As he was: Culkin at his lowest point, in 2012, left when pictures of him looking gaunt set the tabloids alight with rumors of drug abuse, which he denied; he is also pictured in May this year, before he began dating Brenda Back in 2012 it was a different story - with pictures of Culkin looking skinny and haggard setting the tabloids aflame with rumors of drug abuse, something he has denied.

• Lionel Richie, O2 Arena, review: 'He'll have Glastonbury eating out of his hand' 18.

Deep River Woman (1986) Richie was at his most heartfelt and soulful on yet another stand-out from the four million-selling Dancing On The Ceiling.

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Reservations are recommended but not required at the celebrity magnet establishment.

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