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After arriving to Brazil, they had to take a small plane to reach the hotel in the middle of Jungle.

Even though they were the only two passengers, the plane was filled with supplies since the plane was the only mean of transportation from hotel to the modern world.

After two hours of plane ride with scenery of a never ending ocean of greens and low pitch engine sound, both Julie and Sam were starting to fall asleep due to fatigue from all the traveling.

Then both were slapped back in to reality from a high pitch alarm sound emanating from the cockpit and a violently shaking plane. " Sam shouted trying to overcome the noise of the alarm while Julie trying to cover her ears to stop the alarm noise while shaking with the plane.

Even though Sam wasn't a nature lover, he happily agreed knowing her love for nature.Not panicking was a hard thing to do in that situation, but the couple managed to position themselves and brace for the impact.While hearing the pilot trying to send a Mayday message, Sam felt the impact like getting hit by a car. She was still strapped on to her seat and everything that happened felt like a dream.She was starting to give up on her dreams about going for adventures in jungles soon after starting a job as receptionist at a software company.But everything started to change for good once caught the attention of company owner one day.

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