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In 2002, he was awarded a Fellowship from Arts Link (New York) for a residency program at Vermont Studio Center in Vermont, one of the largest international artists and writers program in the United States. Very much attracted to the US art scene, Saghatelian moved to Los Angeles, California.He was successful assimilating with the American Art Scene becoming “Black Maria” gallery founder and artistic director which gave him unique opportunity to organize exhibitions that had social and political impact and importance related to the actual issues in those fields.Despite the fact that he was in the USA all these years he has always been up to date of all the social and political processes that had taken place in Armenia and organized various exhibitions and projects which were focused on personal freedom, disjointed identity resulted by 1915 Genocide, gender issues, etc. His most important recent projects and exhibitions in Armenia: “Corruption: visible and invisible”, installation and performance “Homo communication-The hole”, “LOVE IS ELECTRIC”, “Borderline Reality”.Vahe Baloulian is the founder of Advise Armenia, an informal education and advisory network aiming to assist young Armenian entrepreneurs.Samvel Saghatelian (aka Sam Saga) was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1958.He graduated from Yerevan Institute of Architecture and pursued a career in architecture.Vahe is the co-founder of Di Vine & Partners, a group that includes six restaurants and a vineyard in Armenia, France and USA.

In 2015 Luiza participated in the competition, organized by Ministry of Education and Science.Mher is an Armenian singer/songwriter and the co-founder of “Lav Eli”, alternative folk-rock band from Vanadzor. Tolkien, Michael Ende, Karen Swassjan), and a PR/communications expert.The band was formed in 1995, and is performing for already the third generation of listeners. He is a proud father of four, and the coordinator of parents’ council at “Aregnazan” school.In 2015, she has graduated from State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, department of Computer design with honor, and got Master degree in Fine Arts.Since 2013 she has been working at Public TV Company of Armenia, as a Graphic and concept designer.

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In 2015 she has been enrolled in Tumo Center of Creative Technologies and has been attending ever since. Mane has attended classes of Filmmaking, Photography, Motion graphics, Music, Creativity, Robothics and has paticipated in Experimental Filmmaking and Animation projects.

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