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A Crossover Cosmology is different from All Myths Are True in that many of the cosmologies involved are themselves mutually exclusive either in world view, history, philosophy, or all of the above.

The issue becomes especially thorny when polytheistic religions with large pantheons are mixed with monotheistic religions and reincarnation-based belief systems. Black Adam getting his power from the Egyptian gods whereas his successor Captain Marvel gets them from the Greek gods (and one Biblical figure) wasn't a slip-up; neither was making both Hercules and Thor superheroes.

Juno, also known as Uni, was an Isu scientist, an Isu Supremacist and the daughter of the Isu Saturn and a member of the Capitoline Triad alongside Jupiter and Minerva.

She is also the primary deity worshipped by the Instruments of the First Will, who wish to release her so as to help her take over the world.

The Romans believed in Jupiter, and the Egyptians believed in Ra, but the Romans didn't think believing in Ra was wrong, just not for them; they were fine with any kind of worship as long as you skipped Human Sacrifice and paid proper respect to the gods they did recognize.

They experienced some amount of confusion in this regard when trying to take over Judea.

Even in more optimistic portrayals, one has to wonder at the fairness of a universe that allows Galactus, Darkseid, Anti-Spirals, and Imhotep to exist.

The Magic Word in this case is "aspect" - deities who closely share an archetype (say, Ares and Mars) are really a lot of religions of the Loads and Loads of Characters variety, with Ehecatl being an aspect of Quetzalcoatl, and Kali being (sometimes) an aspect of Parvati.

Another option is "syncretism", where you conflate two religious concepts.

The Romans did this as well by occasionally claiming other peoples' gods were their gods under different names or by combining earlier strictly Roman gods with foreign gods, hence for example, the "Gallo-Roman" god Apollo Sucellus (combining the Roman sun god with a Gaulish god of agriculture), or Tacitus writing that the Germanic tribes worshipped Hercules (Donar) and Mercury (Woten); this is why certain Roman and Greek gods are all but interchangeable today.

At one point in her life, she met the love of her life, another Isu Entity, Aita and also became a member of the Capitoline Triad, working alongside Jupiter and Minerva.

Three centuries after his death, Juno entered the abandoned laboratory of Consus, a famous Isu scientist who created the Shrouds of Eden, a highly advanced device designed to heal its wearer's body.

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