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We thought that this was so simple and really made it easy for us to start our search.

You also have the option to post a job and let the babysitters contact you.

My husband and I were impressed by how Genevieve Thiers was able to grow a simple idea into a service accessible by people on nationwide.

After learning about the company's background, we thought that it was time to learn more details about their service.

Here is also something to keep in mind regarding the background checks sometimes you might not even have to pay for a background check.As parents, one of the most important criteria we have in mind is the safety of our child. Do we feel comfortable leaving our child with the babysitter alone in our house?Can the baby sitter take care of our child and at the same time be a mentor and sort of a role model? are they knowledgeable just in case an incident occurs and they need to be able to administer fist aid.having a babysitter that you can trust your precious little ones can sometimes (or is it most of the time? For the lucky ones who have family members, relatives, or their neighbors to depend on for baby sitting, I envy you.For parents like us who need outside help for baby sitting or do not want to hassle others, we have two options: find baby sitters the old fashioned way through recommendations from family and friends or find baby sitters the modern way via the internet.

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